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Meet Our Crew

Husband and Wife Duo


Nicko Fix


Nicko Is the founder of Broke Da Mouth Salsa. Born and raised in San Diego, California grew up with Mexican flavors and influence. Learned this salsa recipe from his Uncle Hector in Mexico at 15 years of age and it has evolved overtime. Before it became a company Nicko made this salsa for friends and family, become a staple at parties.

Nicko is currently the Head Chef at Great Harbor Yacht Club located in Nantucket, Massachusetts. He has trained with talented chef like Deborah Scott from the Cohn Restaurant Group in San Diego, Brian Malarkey based in San Diego, Masaharu Morimoto at his restaurants in Napa Valley and Maui, and Thomas Keller at his restaurant The French Laundry in Napa Valley.

In his free time Nicko enjoys surfing, playing ice hockey, and spending time with his family. He enjoys traveling to places like Costa Rica, Mexico, Bali, Hawaii, San Diego to catch the next swell. If you ever see Nicko around town, stop to say hello!


Amy Fix


Amy is born and raised in Maui, Hawaii. Her parents John and Sadavan born in Laos and immigrated to the United Sates, then had her and brother first generation to be born in the States. Amy was raised in the restaurant industry, her parents opening one of the first Thai restaurants on the island. Upon graduation, college was out of the picture due to family difficulties so then got three jobs at the age of 18 for about three years. She continued working in the restaurant industry that would ultimately be where she met Nicko.

Amy and Nicko met working at the same restaurant and their relationship quickly progressed, just after one year of dating they became engaged to be married. When Nicko got a job offer in Nantucket they packed up leaving her friends and family behind. Soon to find out Amy was pregnant with their first child Bella who is now two years of age. When Bella was four months old Amy's mother Sadavan moved to Nantucket for child care, and when Bella was nine months old Nicko and Amy adopted a child named Titus who is now 11. Nicko and Amy just introduced their third child Luna in April.

Amy does the day to day operations of the business and is home with her three children. Amy enjoys traveling, is a foodie, and loves being with her children. If you see her at the next farmer's market, stop by to say hello!

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