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Made Locally on Nantucket

Introducing Broke Da Mouth Salsa made by Chef Nicko Fix. We've a unique salsa you won't find anywhere else in this market space. A creamy yet smokey flavor with a slight kick, pair it with every and anything! Take a chance and try it out today.



Our Story

Nicko was born and raised in San Diego, California learned this salsa recipe from his Uncle Hector when he was in high school who then taught him about these different methods and flavors. He kept making this salsa wherever his culinary journey took him and made it for his friends and family reassuring that this is a great tasting and one-of-a-kind salsa. Nicko is currently the chef at Great Harbor Yacht Club, with a resume working with amazing chefs like: Chef Deborah Scott of the Cohn Restaurant Group in San Diego, Chef Brian Malarkey in San Diego, Chef Masaharu Morimoto in Napa Valley and Maui, and Chef Thomas Keller of The French Laundry in Napa Valley.

This is a unique salsa because of the fire roasted peppers which gives it that smokey flavor and lots of roasted garlic plus the emulsification for the creaminess. We get lots of questions on the name, the backstory to that is: Nicko went to Hawaii when he was 18, his first job away from home fell in love with the island and culture. "Broke Da Mouth" is a phrase that they use there that simply means it is so good! The logo catches the eye of our customers, it was created by Nicko's childhood friend Thomas and has evolved overtime.

Nicko and his wife Amy who is part owner of the company meet in Hawaii where she is from and live on the island year around with their three children Titus, 10,  Bella, 2 and Luna, 8 weeks and her mother Sadavan. We enjoy eating this salsa on everything, some suggested ways of enjoying it are with chips, over eggs in the morning, making a pasta dish, marinating chicken for the grill, and on tacos and burritos. Let us know what you think! Enjoy!


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96 Washington St
Nantucket MA 02554

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